We’re excited to announce the start of
the presale of planets in our 0xUniverse!

(desktop browser is required)

Why should I participate?

Blockchain technology is opening new horizons in many arenas. Some are still being studied while others have already proven their success and are now developing at lightning speed. Blockchain games belong to the second category. The smashing success of CryptoKitties, Parsec Frontiers, Decentraland, and other projects demonstrates that blockchain can be applied to games in rewarding ways, and it is paving the way to revolutionary ideas. In developing 0xUniverse, we studied and took into account the experience of our predecessors, and introduced new ideas:

shortage economy

We operate according to the principles of a shortage economy, so you can be confident that your investments will bring you profit

3D graphics

We provide a true gaming experience and 3D graphics, unlike other blockchain games, which look more like spreadsheets

updates are planned

We plan to update the game, adding new competitive and social mechanics

active trade

We stimulate trade on the marketplace by using tried and true game mechanics

brand value increase

We will be creating new games in the 0xUniverse, increasing the brand’s popularity

All of this means that we’re offering you a chance to participate in a promising project in a growing market. The game is now ready and will be available soon, so there are no development risks. Starting now, you can acquire collectible items at a discount of up to 75% off the release prices. Also, you will very likely see the value of your investments grow substantially in the coming months.

Why hold a presale?

The answer is simple: because you asked us for it. In the last two months, during the beta testing of 0xUniverse, we received many messages saying, “How do I buy planets for less?,” “When will there be a presale?,” “I’m planning to buy a lot right away – please offer a discount!” We don’t have any other reasons to offer a presale: the team isn’t going hungry and the game is almost ready. All of this is just for you!

What's your roadmap?


How do I participate?

Participating in the presale is simple. Click the button and wait for the game client to load; this may take around 20 seconds the first time. In the menu that opens, sign up. Then open the auction, choose a planet you like, and click the BUY button in the lower right-hand corner.

(desktop browser is required)

Who can I ask for help?

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