The essence of the game

The 22nd century saw the beginning of the period of Great Cosmic Discoveries. Interstellar travel, which was previously an unattainable dream, became a reality and was now accessible to anyone. Humankind’s cosmic expansion was declared the supreme challenge. In order to speed up this process, the United Earth Government decided to sell some planets that were already settled to private parties. It also passed a law that guaranteed discoverers the right of ownership to the planets they found.

These events created the conditions for the emergence of a new caste of entrepreneurs whose goal was to conquer the Galaxy. You are one of them. After you acquire your first planets, you’ll receive all the resources you need to increase your wealth, build up a fleet, and become a tycoon on a galactic scale.

Not only will you reap purely economic rewards, you can also explore the world of 0xUniverse. The artifacts you find on the planets will tell you the story of other races that populated the Galaxy before human beings came along. By joining forces with other explorers you’ll even be able to figure out the secret of how life began!


To join 0xUniverse, you’ll need one of the following browsers: Chrome, or Firefox.

Also, like any entrepreneur, you’ll need a wallet that holds a little seed capital. For this game, MetaMask works perfectly as a wallet. Simply install the browser extension and then create your wallet. Be careful: MetaMask is independent from the 0xUniverse application. You are the only one who has access to the funds it holds. Make sure to keep the password to your wallet in a safe place. If you lose it, no one will be able to help you access your wallet.

Once you’ve set up the compatible browser and created your wallet in MetaMask, you’ll be able to sign up – meaning that you’ll be able to take part in the cosmic expansion of the world of 0xUniverse. Launch the game and open the PROFILE window. Enter your email address and the name you plan to make famous. Then all you need to do is read and electronically sign the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use by clicking SIGN in the opened MetaMask window.

0xUniverse Screenshot Sign-up

Buying a planet

The first thing you need to do after signing up is to acquire a planet (learn more about planets and how they’re different from one another). Open AUCTION, select the FOR SALE tab, and choose a planet. In the window that opens you’ll see a description of the planet, and in the bottom right-hand corner you’ll see the BUY button. Click on it. That will open the MetaMask window, which will ask you to confirm that you are using ether to buy the planet. Click SUBMIT to confirm that you agree (if you don’t have enough ether, you’ll need to top up your wallet). That’s it. In a few minutes your request will be processed (learn more about blockchain transactions), and you will own the planet!

Inventing a spaceship

Once you’ve taken possession of a planet, you can start building spaceships, but first you need to invent them. In order to discover a new type of spaceship, open the MY SPACESHIPS window. There you’ll see the progress of the accumulation of knowledge – you need this knowledge to invent new types of spaceships. Knowledge is created by the people who inhabit your planets (1 person provides 1 piece of knowledge per hour). That means that the more planets you have and the more densely they’re populated, the more often you’ll be able to invent spaceships. And the more inventions you’ve already made, the more likely it is that you will receive a more powerful spaceship (learn more about spaceships and how they’re different from one another).

When you’ve accumulated the necessary amount of knowledge, the INVENT A SPACESHIP button will appear. Click on it. When the MetaMask window opens, confirm your decision. That’s it. In a few minutes the process will be completed (learn more about blockchain transactions), and you’ll invent a spaceship.

Discovering new planets

Now that you’ve invented a spaceship, you can build it and send it out to look for new planets. To build the spaceship, you’ll need resources and a population, the future colonists. You might get lucky and the types of resources you need can already be extracted on your planets, but if that’s not the case, you can buy planets with the missing resources in the Auction.

Resources can be transported quickly between planets, so if you have 30 units of iron extracted on one planet and 50 on another, and you need 70 to build a spaceship, you don’t need to worry – the iron will be collected and automatically delivered to the planet where you need it. Things work a bit differently for colonists: they all need to be on the planet from which the spaceship will be launched.

You can track the collection of resources and colonists from the MY SPACESHIPS screen. When the process is complete, the BUILD AND LAUNCH button will appear. Click on it. The command interface will show a star map, on which you will need to choose the launch planet. That’s where the colonists will be gathered and where the spaceship will be launched. Confirm your selection in the MetaMask window that opens. In a few minutes the expedition will be completed (learn more about blockchain transactions), and you’ll find out the results.

If the expedition is successful, you’ll find a new planet. If not, you’ll lose the spaceship. The success of the operation depends on the characteristics of the spaceship and the sector where the launch planet is located. The less explored the selected sector of the Galaxy is, the better your chances are of discovering a new planet.

Once your spaceship finds a planet, it will land on and you’ll become the planet’s owner. Colonists from the parts of the ship will put together the first base and start extracting resources. Space travel and building colonies are complicated, dangerous undertakings, and only 60-90% of those who dare to do it survive.

Keep in mind that the next time you want to build the same type of spaceship, you’ll need one and a half times more resources. So it’s more efficient to invent new types of spaceships than to keep building the same one.


The most valuable thing in 0xUniverse is the planets. The more there are, the more opportunities you have.

Every planet has its own unique appearance and features: number, date of discovery, name, owner, rarity (common, rare, epic, or legendary), sector (learn more about the map of the Galaxy).

On every planet, a population grows and resources are extracted. Each planet is rich in its own way, so the speed of growth and composition of the resources are different for every planet. Like the planets, the resources are classified as common, rare, epic, and legendary. You’ll need them to invent and build spaceships.

Keep in mind there is a resource storage cap allowing players to have a certain resource amount at a single time. Multiply your resource production rate by 200 to see how big your cap is. Note that this only concerns storage and the total amount of resources has no limits.

Also, the legendary planets have their own stories, which only the owner can see (learn more about the story of the world of 0xUniverse).

0xUniverse Screenshot Planets

Planet leasing and renaming

The way planet leasing works is: a planet’s owner sets the price that he’s willing to sell his planet’s colonists for. For instance, the owner sets 0.02 ETH as the price for 100 colonists. After that, other space explorers will be able to launch spaceships from this planet by paying to the owner for the colonists provided. Say, you need a 250 strong crew for your ship. That means you should pay 0.05 ETH (250 / 100 * 0.02) for the owner’s colonists. The owner then gets the entire amount minus a 5% tax imposed by the United Earth Government. That would be 0.0475 ETH (0.05 * 95%). Payment for your rented planets can be found on the transactions list. Once the rent is done, the planet population is decreased according to the renter’s request. If you want to cancel the rent, set the rent price to 0.

Planet naming allows you to name your planets after paying the United Earth Government 0.01 ETH for the operation. There are but a few restrictions:

  • The name should be shorter than 12 characters
  • You can’t change legendary planets’ names
  • You can’t use offensive language and create duplicate names of legendary planets

The United Earth Government is carefully keeping an eye out for any violation of these rules, and should any such violation occur, the Government will conceal inappropriate names from other explorers (the name will still remain on the blockchain). If you’ve found a planet name that offends you and the Government has overlooked it, let us know at

The Galaxy

The map of the Galaxy is divided into 1,000 sectors (25 x 40). Each sector contains a group of planets that are close to each other. In the interest of simplicity, the command interface doesn’t display the exact coordinates of a planet; it only displays the sector. For example, Earth is located in sector 12,0.

Each sector has an average of 1,000 planets that are suitable for colonization. The maximum number of planets in the 0xUniverse galaxy is 1,000,000.

0xUniverse Screenshot Galaxy

The planet Auction

The current laws of cosmic expansion guarantee freedom of trade in new planets. Anyone can freely buy and sell planets on the Auction. To put a planet up for sale, click SELL on the screen of the planet you’d like to sell. Then set the duration of the auction and the starting and ending prices. During the auction, the price will steadily fall from the starting price to the ending price. For example, suppose there’s a planet being sold on a three-day auction with a starting price of Ξ8 and an ending price of Ξ2. This means that at the beginning of the auction it will cost Ξ8, one day later it will cost Ξ6, two days later it will cost Ξ4, and by the end of the third day the price will drop to Ξ2. After you enter all the parameters, the MetaMask window will appear. Confirm your decision. That’s it. In a few minutes the planet will be available for sale on the auction (learn more about blockchain transactions).

During the auction, the resources on the planet cannot be used. That means that if you need the resources, you must cancel the auction. To do so, click CANCEL on the planet’s screen. Then confirm your decision in the MetaMask window. In a few minutes the planet will be removed from the auction and you may use its resources.

The United Earth Government

The United Earth Government is the organization that serves the interests of all of humanity. At this time, when the domestic problems of the native planet have been resolved, the servant of the people turns all its attention to the new worlds.

In particular, this body maintains order and keeps things operational Auction. In exchange for performing this work, the Government collects a tax: 5% from each purchase.

In addition, the United Earth Government keeps track of the balance of the market. If demand far surpasses supply, the Government expends Earth resources to open new planets and add them to the Auction. The Government’s options are limited by Earth’s resources; that means that this right will not be abused.

Furthermore, the Government reserves the right to give discoverers up to 10,000 planets in appreciation for helping to popularize expansion among Earth’s population.

0xUniverse Screenshot Earth


Spaceships have the following characteristics:

  1. Rank – this represents the level of the spaceship’s technical sophistication (a rank 2 spaceship is better than a rank 1 spaceship, but building it requires more resources)
  2. Power of the engines – these expand the search area – in other words, the chances of finding a planet
  3. Power of the radar – this increases the chances of finding a rarer planet
  4. Size of the accommodation module – this determines the number of colonists who are transported
  5. Resources needed for construction

0xUniverse Screenshot Spaceships

Top up the wallet

You can buy the amount of ether you need and transfer it to your MetaMask wallet on one of many cryptocurrency trading platforms, such as Changelly, Coinbase, Indacoin, etc. The process usually goes like this: you indicate the amount of ether you need, the platform calculates the amount of dollars/euros you need for the exchange, you enter your credit card details and confirm the exchange. If you are using the platform for the first time, the service will ask you to show your passport to confirm your identity. This is a normal practice – banks do the same thing – so you have nothing to worry about.

Story of the world

The story of the world of 0xUniverse is uncovered in the descriptions of the legendary planets. With each new story, you’ll be able to form an increasingly complete picture of what happened in the Galaxy before humanity began its expansion beyond its native planet. Moreover, the most dogged explorers will be able to figure out the mystery of the origin of life and discover the way to the secret, most valuable planet.

However, the description of the planet is visible only to its owner. In order to learn more, you’ll need to buy up the legendary planets. But that’s not the only solution. You can contact the owner and, using your diplomatic talents or trade, agree to exchange information. You should also make sure to sign up for the newsletters that will be published by the United Earth Government – they’ll contain descriptions of legendary planets that are shared voluntarily by the planets’ owners.

0xUniverse Screenshot Grayhaven


0xUniverse is different from many other games. It operates entirely on the decentralized network known as Ethereum. This means that there isn’t a single game server that would save all the users’ data and would be controlled by developers. The game exists independently and operates on thousands of computers around the world, while the data are held securely in the blockchain.

Such an architecture guarantees secure ownership of the planets. Players will still hold on to them even if a meteorite falls on the developers’ office. In addition, this enables the open market to operate – that is, the planets’ owners can trade planets directly with one another. Using their brainpower, players will be able to earn considerably more ether than their initial investment. Keep in mind that ether is not an internal game currency needed only by 0xUniverse players, but a commonly used currency that can be exchanged for dollars or euros.

However, there is a downside to such an approach. The decentralized processing of requests is more time consuming than the traditional approach. It takes several minutes to record information (e.g., a purchase of a planet) in the blockchain. Also, these operations cost money, which is needed to compensate the work of those thousands of computers – this is known as Transaction Fee.

When you launch any operation that alters the blockchain, you’ll see the MetaMask window, which will ask you to approve the transaction. It looks complicated, but generally you don’t need to worry about the details; you just need to click SUBMIT. But if you’re interested, let’s look at it a little more closely:

  1. The first line shows the address of the 0xUniverse smart contract in the blockchain, where the transaction will be sent.
  2. Amount – the sum of the transfer. If you are buying a planet, this is where you’ll see the cost – that is, the amount the seller will receive. Otherwise, the sum is equal to zero
  3. Gas Limit – this is calculated automatically; you can ignore it
  4. Gas Price – this value directly affects the cost to complete the transaction (see the next line, “Max Transaction Fee”). The higher the Gas Price, the faster your transaction will be processed, but the more you’ll need to pay. On days when the Ethereum network is overloaded, the Gas Price will need to be set higher (you can look at the recommended value at
  5. Max Total – the total amount of ether that will be spent to execute this transaction, i.e., Amount + Max Transaction Fee

0xUniverse Screenshot Grayhaven

After you confirm the transaction, it will be processed and the result will be saved in the blockchain. This usually takes 3-5 minutes. You can check the status in the TRANSACTIONS window. We also recommend that you sign up for notifications in the SETTINGS window. That way you’ll receive alerts even if the browser tab with the game is closed.